Raising Bullying Awareness

Project Description

Teens at the Washing County Youth Service Bureau Basement Teen Center in Montpelier, VT say that their voices and ideas are not heard by the community, and the Teen Center staff regularly observe that teens do not feel empowered to express themselves. For the second year, teens at the Basement Teen Center worked with Digital Media Instructor, Ned Castle, to learn basic ethnographic and photographic techniques. The concept for a community-wide project has emerged and is well underway--described below by the teen that conceived the idea, Tomas: 

“I came up with the idea of raising bullying awareness in the community by mixing mediums such as photography and audio to record the public’s thoughts on this topic. The staff at the Basement welcomed my idea with open arms and helped me acquire the equipment I needed, which I would have had a hard time finding otherwise. I was also able to recruit a group of teen volunteers who are excited about the project and come together to interview individuals every Monday. The project is slowly growing and we are hoping to be able to present it as an exhibition to the community in the near future. Both the staff and the teens hope that this project will encourage the community to have conversations about bullying and consider the impact of how we treat each other.”