Conversations from the Open Road 2013

Project Description

Conversations From the Open Road is a Documentary Media Road-Trip for Vermont high school students in the summer.  

The two leaders, five high school students and a Burlington College Film Student all travel to a place in the U.S. to learn from the local communities about the current challenges they are facing. While we're exploring, we're also interviewing all kinds of people and gathering media: audio, video, still photographs and whatever else we're inspired by and/or to create. By the end of the two-week trip, each student creates and produces a mixed-media short. 

Collectively these shorts express a sense of the particular moment for this place and its people.

One CFTOR crew traveled to the coast of Maine to learn about the changing environment, politics and economics of the coastal livelihoods and communities. Another crew traveled to the coalfields of Appalachia to learn from the people living there how the mining of coal has shaped their, and their landscape's, history, present and future. 

To view student projects, please visit the links below: