Community Workers

Project Description

Pomfret School 2nd and 3rd graders worked with Scott Miller in a photojournaling project with their Community Workers Unit. Under Scott's direction, each student learned how to use digital cameras, video cameras and tripods as they ventured out to meet a variety of community workers in the Pomfret and Woodstock areas for one-on-one interviews to learn about the importance of the community members’ jobs.

The students' work is a part of a unit that classroom teacher Barbara Leonard has been doing for many years with her students. She wanted to enhance the project with each student participating in the interview process by taking turns in all three roles -- photographer, videographer and interviewer. The students took each role very seriously and embraced the opportunity to use the photography equipment independently. They did a wonderful job of capturing the important elements at each job site, including the audio/visual interviews with the video cameras and the physical space and details at each site through the lens of the digital camera.

The students worked with Scott to learn and do the editing of their own projects as they assembled their own 3-5 minute videos of each community worker. The culminating event took place at The Pomfret School on April 29th, when the public was invited to come and see the final product.