Project Description

Students in Nancy McClaran’s Grade 2/3 and Grade 5/6 art classes at Lincoln Community School spent an entire semester creating various types of work to represent the place they live: Vermont. Examples of the work included hand prints, drawings of Vermont scenes, papier-mâché bumble bees, self portraits, cut-paper snowflakes and a large mural featuring our most famous bovine mascot, the cow.  
Part two of the project was to exchange the work with students in a distant corner of the world – and ask for a response. The work was carefully packed in two boxes and sent to schools in Cambodia and Indonesia, where Scott Miller and Lindsay McClure were teaching.  
Currently students in Indonesia have made drawings to share with the Lincoln students; their drawings include homes, landscapes and name cards. Also, students in Cambodia are working on a variety of projects to share. Art Box is part of the World Story Exchange program.