St. Michael's College Anthropology of Media Collaboration

In the fall semester of 2015, Director of Education, Kathleen Haughey and Digital Media Instructor, Myles David Jewell, co-taught Professor Adrie Kusserow's undergraduate Anthropology of Media class. VFC's Intro to Ethnographic Media Practices (Designed for Anthropology of Media) presented a lecture on the history of ethnographic approaches to media, and then engaged with the students to help them produce self-reflective videos about their relationship to media.  The goal was to have the students produce the work with their smartphones. They first made a short video engaging with the themes they were reading about in the course syllabus, and the students later embarked on a final project. See links below for some examples and breakdown of the workshop structure:

Project Description/Goals (based off of Anthropology of Media Syllabus):

  • Introduce students to basic techniques of video production and editing as well as ethnographic approaches to the medium.  

  • Broken into four sections (pre-production, production, post-production and distribution) the students will participate in the practical experience of producing two short videos, one to take place over the course of the class and one to take place after the four classes.  

  • Through the practice of media making, the students will engage with ethnographic approaches, methodology, and theory.  The focus will be the power and ethics of visual representation in anthropology.

  • Upon completion of their first video, the students will then create a longer video that will explore and document stories in the broader community by doing primary-source research and implementing the tools they have learned. VFC collaborators will be available for final visits to help students complete the technical side of their final projects.


  • Student smartphones and chargers (for video and audio recording)

  • Student computers and chargers (for video and audio editing)

  • Computers in St. Michael’s computer labs (with iMovie and/or Adobe Premiere software)

  • Headphones (depending on student need; VFC could potentially supply approx. 5)


  • Audacity (free audio editing software for any computer)

  • Garageband (free audio editing software on all Macs)

  • iMovie (free audio editing software on all Macs)

  • Adobe Premiere (available on computers in St. Michael’s computer labs)