King Street: Our Voices 2015-2016

Throughout the 2015-2016 school year, Myles worked with a core group of ten students in King Street’s after-school program on a project called “King Street: Our Voices.” The students were all given iPads by the Burlington School District this year. Myles ran workshops with different approaches to media making. The students were tasked with using their iPads as media-making tools in varied forms. The first assignment was geared toward understanding visual storytelling, and students had to shoot a game of pool with different frame sizes. The second workshop focused on creating a narrative film imitating the style of a movie the students had recently seen. The third workshop delved into animation techniques, specifically stop-motion animation, while the final workshop gave the students hands-on experience with high-end production techniques and equipment. During the final workshop, students interviewed each other about the King Street Youth Center, and helped set up and operate the equipment during the interview.