Ethnography Lab at Harwood Union High School 2015-2016

Throughout the 2015-2016 School year, VFC instructors Myles David Jewell and Kathleen Haughey worked with two sections of HUHS' Media Studies class. Harwood teacher Steve Rand co-taught the Media Studies class with art teachers Krista Connolly and Sam Krotinger, and with the support of the VFC, wanted to develop a community-based project. The result was first a lecture on the approaches of ethnography to media, and how difficult representing reality is through a constructed medium, such as video. The second and third visits focused on inviting community members to visit Harwood to speak and reflect on their ideas about education. Students asked the community participants to reflect on both when they were students and how they think of those times now. The interviews were student-run with adult guidance and each interview was also audio- and video-recorded. The goal was to have students engage in a conversation with community members, to really hear and listen to their stories.

The second semester consisted primarily of VFC instructor Myles David Jewell's visits to the Media Studies classes and offering independent support as projects evolved. The independent projects ranged from a student-created PSA about his LGBTQ support group, to animations about depression, to a student going out in the community and interviewing local glass blowers.

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the Community Day interviews: