"Symbols" slideshows in Spanish and French

Emily Smith, a French and Spanish teacher at Harwood Union High School, participated in the Vermont Folklife Center's Summer Institute in 2016, where she practiced audio recording and creating multimedia projects in WeVideo (a cloud-based editing program). This past fall, Emily brought those skills to her classes, and she had her students create videos about objects or items that are symbolic for them in their lives, and narrate their videos in French or Spanish. From a courageous chicken, to the story of a brook trout, to stars in memory of lost friends, the students created thoughtful, heartfelt, funny,and reflective pieces. 

Some excerpts, in translation:

"When I was little, a little tree was just a tree... Now, I'm fifteen, and I see the tree as a symbol of growing up, because it's the same age as me."

"My symbol is a chicken. The chicken is cute, but it is also brave. It represents courage and spirit."

"A snowflake represents my point of view about surviving, because it is very beautiful, but also cold. Beautiful to the eyes, cold to the touch."

Thanks to Emily and her students for sharing! Here's an example of one of the student videos: