Conversations From the Open Road 2017 Trips!

One of our partner organizations, Conversations From the Open Road, offers on-the-road digital storytelling and learning opportunities for students (high school and college). Read below about opportunities available this Spring and Summer (the April trip has only one spot left, but the others are open), and visit the trips page at the Conversations From the Open Road website for more information and to sign up!

About Conversations From the Open Road:

Conversations From The Open Road is an opportunity for Vermont high school and college students to experience and compassionately participate in our world in a meaningful way. It is a traveling citizen-journalism, digital storytelling media program engaging with communities on the front lines of significant economic-environmental-cultural justice issues. By the end of each 2 week exploration, each student creates a documentary short about a thread of the people, place and struggle. Together, this collection becomes a reflection of this moment for a particular community.


April 18-30 Clarksdale, Mississippi: Learn about the Blues!

We are traveling to the Mississippi Delta to learn how a place and its people, a long thread from the past into the present, have shaped a musical tradition: the Blues. This is a partnership with Champlain Valley Union's Nexus Program. (1 spot remaining)

July 7-21 Santa Fe, New Mexico: Learn the pioneering efforts to see addiction as a health care concern instead of criminal justice.

There are a few cities in our country transforming how we understand and treat people with addictions. Santa Fe is one of these inspiring places (along with Seattle, Albany, Ithaca, and Gloucester, Mass).  Students will travel to this beautiful part of our country to learn from the individuals and the community initiating this change. We will thread these stories together, while indulging in the cultural influences and the carved landscapes of the American Southwest. 

As a crew, we will be part of this cultural change here in Vermont!  We have been invited to be part of a team, led by Attorney General TJ Donovan, who will be tour the state and talking with communities about this compassionate turn in how a community cares for this growing epidemic.

August 11-25 Minnesota: Come and document this exciting moment with us - From Standing Rock and beyond!

More than 10,000 people came to show solidarity with the people of the Standing Rock Sioux, protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline being proposed to be built under the Missouri River, within their reservation's lands.This is THE largest congregation of Native Americans and allies in a century! The rippling effects of this movement is palpable.

We will travel to another battle gaining momentum in the indigenous community's fight to assert their sovereignty and basic rights.

Indigenous Americans "en masse wild rice harvest" in late August in northern Minnesota will most likely continue the battle in court as an important test case about treaty rights.

Leech Lake Ojibwe band member Arthur LaRose, chairman of the 1855 Treaty Authority, has said that his group's concerns go beyond ricing, fishing and hunting. "From pipelines, to wild rice and walleye, the State of Minnesota does not appear to be protectively regulating the natural resources," LaRose wrote to Governor Mark Dayton.