Nepali Bhutanese Refugee Equipment Drop-Off

Posted by Myles David Jewell

More and more of the collaborations we are embarking on are not inspired by the Discovering Community staff pushing media as a viable way to tell stories; it's the younger generation that ask us for the technical support.

In the case of the New American Community, this is the second group of Nepali Bhutanese refugees who have asked for support to produce media for their community. The first group called themselves the Creative Bhutanese Circle, and the second group approached us a few months later with a new target.

Neema, a high schooler, wanted to create a short PSA about the pitfalls of drug use.  After an initial discussion, we were able to bring Neema and his group of friends some equipment to shoot with over the weekend.  Here is a short observational piece looking at the equipment drop off.