King Street Youth Center: Lighting Interviews and Video Portraits

Posted by Myles David Jewell

Oh King Street, Oh King Street- the enthusiasm that the students bring to every workshop makes it so easy to come back and keep working with this gang.  And on top of all that, a simple workshop on lighting for interviews can turn into a fantastical interrogation scene.  And who am I to not let them play?  To not let their imaginations run wild?  This may be more telling than forcing them to engage in content that they have no interest in.  

Point is, I think if we can load up their tool belts with a bunch of formal techniques that range from stop motion to video portraits and interview lighting, once they find content that they need to handle more seriously, perhaps they will bring some of the humor and imagination to a sometimes otherwise stuffy situation. Our participation at King Street is within the after-school program, and we try to create an opportunity for students to explore their interests during that time - to let their creativity and curiosity drive their engagement. So I am plenty happy to allow them to run their imaginations, to work out that muscle that we as adults all to often let atrophy because we're fearful of being silly.  For me, every time I step in there and work with these kids I learn something about how great an imagination can be.