Vermont Youth Rally Promo Video

Posted by Myles David Jewell

Harwood Union High School social studies teacher Matt Henchen was a VFC Summer Institute participant and has been doing a lot of really interesting work in his classes, particularly with a group of students who have organized a Youth Rally to promote student voice.  I was impressed with how the group operates, with a sincere focus on the students doing the organizing, choosing the topics, and even operating the budget.

Last week, I was able to join Matt and the students for an afternoon of brainstorming a social media strategy to promote the April 12th rally. I also helped a student produce a video, and we even ended the afternoon with another video I edited to help them get the save-the-date info out there. I was able to share some editing tricks with the student I was working with, and I think going forward they will be able to use some of these techniques in future projects.

Here is a look at the video we edited: