King Street Stop Motion Workshop

Posted by Myles David Jewell

Building off our success last year at King Street Youth Center, as well as our first Camera Obscura workshop, this past week at King Street we held a stop-motion animation workshop.  Two students who are really engaged with the media literacy work we are doing came out of the class with two great pieces.  Evan created an emoji out of legos that he animates into frame and deconstructs itself, while Jasper created an alternate world with paper cut outs and green screen.  His imagination is unrivaled and I've really enjoyed working with both these youngsters.  Our hope is to build off the formal techniques we are using to eventually get the students out in the community and using these tools to create a short video with another community partner, or even, something for King Street Youth Center.

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the workshop:

In a few weeks I will head back to King Street along with Mary Rizos and work with the students to reveal the editing process of some of the more tricky techniques of green-screen and chroma key work, as well as how to export and upload.  Below are my initial strings of the two student projects.