Vermont Nepali Heritage Dance Media Workshop Introduction

Posted by Myles David Jewell

Three times a week, the Vermont Nepali Heritage Dance group meets at the Integrated Arts Academy in Burlington. The group's aim is to bring young people together and have them engage with traditional Nepali dance. Kathleen Haughey from the VFC has been meeting with the group and supporting their efforts and thought that bringing a media component might entice more members of the community to engage with the group.  This is where the Discovering Community program comes into play.

Once a month, I've been going to their gatherings and trying to become a friendly face the community members know. After meeting several times with the leaders of the group, we felt that a media workshop would possibly engage more of the community. So last month, in the middle of November, I brought some equipment in hopes of working with community members to practice some media literacy skills. I was able to briefly show them some of my work, talk to them about their interest, and set them up to video some of the dance practice. This month, I will be working over three days with the community members as they produce their own short videos.

Here is a short behind-the-scenes look at our introduction workshop: