Discovering Community partner program, Conversations From the Open Road, is busier than ever!

A few students from Burlington High School asked for help in organizing a trip in May to explore 'Why youth don't vote.' We have since expanded this question, and are now planning an adventure around the northeastern U.S. to learn how young people are making change, both in and outside of electoral politics.

We also have a trip in late June to Oklahoma. This beautiful prairie landscape is home to one of the hottest 'David and Goliath' battles in our country about how we are choosing to fuel our lifestyle. People all over the globe are taking action against this extreme energy extraction; in Vermont, we were the first state to ban this practice. So we are heading to Oklahoma! If NIMBY (Not In Our BackYard), then it's time to travel to and learn from those people who do have extreme extraction in their backyards. Check our website and get in touch if you’re interested in being part of this crew!

We are also planning collaborations with the Northfield Teen Center for a trip and project in August, with Vermont Commons in September, and with Burlington College in January.

JOIN us at Scout Film Festival in Stowe on June 18th. SFF is highlighting our program for their first annual Global Student Film Festival. We are rising to this honor: not only will we be viewing our 7 collections of place and people; But also, a small group of CFTOR alum are creating a parallel exhibit to our road-trip journalism - come and check it all out!

Mary Simons;