$500 Ethnographic Film Award for Young Filmmakers

In partnership with the Freedom & Unity TV Youth Film Competition we are excited to announce new prize for their 2016 Student Film FestivalThe Vermont Folklife Center Ethnographic Film Award.

The award will be given to a youth film that explores themes of culture and how we understand it. This includes films that strive to represent an experience from the point of view of the people to whom that experience belongs. Films that are collaboratively produced, autobiographical and self-reflective documentaries, observational projects, and films in which film-maker and subject share active participation in the film production process will also be considered for the award.

In order to considered for this award (and for other awards) films must be submitted to the competition by 11:59 PM on April 16, 2016. All entrants should check contest rules and submission guidelines before sending in their films.

For more information, visit freedomandunitytv.org