Putney Food Stories

It was great to visit Leah Toffolon's eighth grade class at Putney Central School a few weeks ago and see what they are working on this year! Their project is "Putney Food Stories," and they'll be interviewing community members who are connected to the multi-faceted world of food. Students will be thinking about the production, distribution, access, and sustainability of food in their community, and will get at the bigger questions of where food comes from and what makes "good" food.

The project has the larger objective "for students to learn to be 'storytellers'; to explore and capture stories in their community by doing primary-source research; to listen to others' stories, thereby building empathy and compassion; to learn from the stories they are told' and to come to see themselves as part of a wider, interwoven community."

In the photo below, students take turns interviewing Putney Central School's Sustainability Coordinator, Steve Hed, in their classroom,  in preparation for their upcoming community interviews. Vermont Folklife Center collaborator and media instructor Evie Lovett assists with audio-recording technology.

Students have done a lot of preparation and we wish them and their community participants well as they begin their interviews this week!