People's Academy Socrates Vox Pop

This September (2016), I visited Marc Ducharme and Kate Toland's class at People's Academy in Morrisville.  Kate was a participant at this year's Summer Institute and wanted to incorporate a Vox Pop into her co-taught Philosophy class (Marc was a participant in previous years).  A lot of schools are now using the ideas of Socrates to ponder larger issues and get students engaged with critical thought.  As a class exercise, the group brainstormed ideas about what kinds of questions they ask themselves every day, questions they ask every so often, and questions they rarely ponder.  From there, the students were tasked with producing a Vox Pop.  I supported the students in this task by facilitating a workshop on how to produce a Vox Pop, including audio recording technique and editing.  This is what McKenna Montminy came up with her group: